Split Outlook Large PST files Quickly

Resolution for Unknown Error 0x8004060C in Outlook PST

Are you experiencing an unknown error 0x8004060C? Are you unable to send or receive emails within your PST file? A user might encounter this very error message in any Outlook version he or she is using, but generally it has been seen that it mainly occurs in the previous versions say Outlook 2002 for instance. The consequences of this issue includes inability to transact emails over the Internet or over a network, slow and sluggish performance of Outlook, inability to perform any kind of operation. Moreover, it will make certain emails and other items temporarily vanish for some time. In the worst situation, the error can result into a crashed Outlook.

The aforementioned situations can be really worrying especially for the professionals who are largely dependent on Outlook for sending or receiving mails and doing other operations in Outlook.


Unknown Error 0x8004060C: Cause

The complete form of the error that appears on the computer interface is more like this while trying to send or receive.

Task 'Microsoft exchange server- receiving' reported error (0x8004060C): Unknown error 0x8004060C

This irritating and annoying problem occurs in the event when your Outlook PST file has grown very large than the defined limit that is of 2GB in the earlier ones and 20 to 50GB in the newer versions like Outlook 2010. When this happens, Outlook prevents or you can say it blocks the communication between the client and the mail server. And that is the reason why outgoing and incoming emails are blocked.

How to Resolve Such Irritating Error? Well, for that you can go through some very manual solution to decrease the size of the overgrown file by trimming it. There are multiple ways of doing this including the following.

  • You can trim the file by compacting it.
  • You can archive PST file.
  • Delete unwanted and unnecessary emails from the file.

Other than this, you might be well aware of this fact that every mail you delete goes directly into the Deleted Items folder in Outlook. Therefore, the aforementioned task can also be performed by emptying this folder. For this, right click the folder and choose Empty Deleted Items option. Or, you can create one new PST file, and then trim your Outlook file just by drag and dropping emails from the oversized one to this one.

Not able to fix unknown error 0x8004060C? Then probably it is time to turn your heads to a more efficient automatic alternative like a third party Split PST tool. Such tools word accordingly to a wizard. You just specify your bigger PST file, it will start its working automatically giving you desired results.