Split Outlook Large PST files Quickly

Facing This .PST is Too Large Error! Here's the Solution

Size issues with Outlook applications are not a new problem at all specially if talked about the older version that had the ANSI file format support and 2GB file size limitation. It is definitely not that the newer versions are not affected with such issues but it is very rare cause they have a mammoth file size limit. In the world that has gone fully digitized, leaving a few things all the other things from saving data, storing data, sending and receiving or transacting datum is done through computers. In such, 2GB limitation is like a drop in a big saline ocean, it is not such a big deal to go par the limit. There are several problems or errors that come up whenever there is an oversizing issue in Outlook. Consider this.

"This .PST is too large, delete messages"

It is one of the errors encountered by Outlook users most often due to which all the data within a PST file gets blocked. That means, you are not allowed to access or reach any of the files within the Personal storage file after you get the error. Since Outlook files are very crucial and important for a professional or official purpose, this plight can be really dreadful that should be fixed as soon as possible.


Some Suggestion Before Solution

Though there are very good solutions for the this .PST is too large delete messages error, but the augmented usage of Outlook can again make it oversized. Therefore it is imperative to consider some suggestion to prevent such size issues.

  • Check your PST file size to determine its size regularly
  • Try the process of archiving on your PST
  • Always store a limited amount of emails in that particular file
  • Do not store very heavy attachments in the file

Now coming to the solution for the error occurring due to oversized PST file in Outlook. Manually, you can divide or defrag the PST file, delete unimportant messages or mails, remove attachments from a file in order to make the size smaller. Several users manage to do such solutions and succeed in decreasing the size, however some users who are not very technically advanced have some trouble in doing this. In addition, manual procedure can take hours because refining and deleting messages by locating one by one could be time consumer.

A better solution for this .PST is too large delete messages is to go for a third party split pst software. These automatic tools work to divide a large pst file with an unimaginable speed and consume much lesser time in doing the same.