Split Outlook Large PST files Quickly

Repair 4GB PST File & Regain Outlook Performance

Has your PST file size has grown to 4GB?

Is your Outlook application performing very slow?

All the earlier version of Outlook that is 2002, 2003 etc. have a pre-defined file size and all utilize the same American National Standard Institute format. Whenever the file size increases the general size limitation, Outlook suffers a bad performance issues followed by common oversized pst file errors. If such situation of over sized pst remains for long time due to ignorance, it can badly damage that particular PST file and all its corresponding data.

Outlook oversized problems including 4gb file size is not a rare thing to see. Every now and then, an outlook user especially using the prior version suffers this issue. This is because, Outlook application with all its function is used on a big scale for transacting emails in offices, organization etc. There is no doubt that in such cases, an increasing 4gb file size would not be a problem. To avoid such problem, repair 4GB PST file as soon as possible.


Before telling the solution, you must know what kind of problems or error you might face while having an extra large 4gb PST in your system. Generally, due to such there are chances of having problems like

  • Slow Outlook performance
  • Outlook not opening up issues
  • PST file accessibility issues
  • Failure of read/write operations

Moreover, every time you open the PST file you are likely to see error like

  • Can't Copy the items. The file %PST file name% has reached its maximum size. To reduce the amount of data in this file, select some items that you no longer need, then permanently (Shift+Del) delete them.

  • Errors have been detected in the file "file_path". Quit all mail-enabled applications, and then use the Inbox Repair Tool

The latter error mentioned here suggests using Inbox repair tool or Scanpst.exe tool. However, this tool is of no work if a PST file has exceeded the its defined 2GB size limitation.

Repair 4GB PST: Manual Approach

Manually, a user can himself repair such big files by the process of splitting. You can go through these suggestions for splitting your PST.

  • Wipe Out all not so important emails or other stuffs from PST
  • Creating one or more archives and save data to them from Oversized PST file
  • Delete permanently all the items you don't need from Deleted Items

With the above method a user can easily compact the PST file and reduce its file size to a normal level. Nevertheless, if you wish to save your time, you can also use third party Split PST software for this. Having technically advanced algorithms, the software capability includes splitting and thus repair 4GB PST file. Not only such, the tool is also capable of trimming as well as repairing much larger PST files too.