Split Outlook Large PST files Quickly

Tips to Reduce PST File Size in Outlook 2010 Simply

As you know that Outlook 2010 has been built with a bigger PST file size and capacity to hold items to a maximum limit of 50GB. Having such an ability, this email client today has become more and more popular and extensively being used in offices and other professional places where the use of Outlook is considered on a big level. It supports the Unicode format like you will find in earlier versions like Outlook 2007 and 2003 and that is the reason why it is able to hold so much of data in the PST file. Consider that you have a PST file with a total size of more than 18GB built in 2010 and you wish to export that in your computer system where Outlook 2007 or 2003 is installed. Do you think you will be able to accommodate the bigger file in your email client.

Well, your answer supposedly will be in the negative because Outlook 2007 for example comes with a size limit of only 20GB. And if you have a file size equal to or more than 18GB, your email client will definitely start performing slow or rather freeze in such situations. Moreover, it can also stuck while doing any operation and might give out error messages. What to do then? Well, the simple solution here to do this is to reduce PST file size Outlook 2010.


How to Reduce PST file Size Outlook 2010.

There are not a wide variety of solutions to do this, though there are simple methods like archiving the file or creating a new PST file and export some data into it. If you surf the web, you will find that archiving is really a good solution to reduce file size, even Microsoft also suggest this. Mentioned below are the steps that you can follow to archive.

  • Launch Outlook 2010, go to the profile that contains the PST with bigger file size that you need to export
  • Go to the File tab and then click on Info → Backstage → Cleanup Tools
  • Select the Archive option
  • In the dialog box, check the Archive this folder and subfolders option
  • Now select the PST file the requires archiving from a list of files and folders that appears
  • Select Archive items older than, scroll below clicking the drop down and select a date for which archiving has to be done
  • In the last, from the Archive file box select the destination where you desire to save the archive made.

One more solution to reduce PST File size is to compact it through the Account Settings. However, though the above mentioned steps are efficient enough but it takes a lot of time plus the archiving needs to be done again and again. Therefore, an effective solution to reduce PST file size Outlook 2010 is to split pst with the use of third party Split PST software. It is efficient and consumes minimal time to reduce the file size so that you can export it to any other Outlook version easily..