Split Outlook Large PST files Quickly

Know How to Repair Oversized Outlook 2010 PST File

In the series out Microsoft Outlook versions, the latest and probably the most sought out version today is Outlook 2010. Although, it has most of the same features as the previous ones, but several times more advanced and flexible. The best thing is that this version has got a huge PST file size capacity if compared to its predecessors. However, if one is a regular user of this mailing client, oversize pst file issues can arise in this version as well.

As mentioned, outlook is the most sought out application in corporate world where there is a continuous need of it, crossing the PST file size limitation would not be a big deal there. It has been seen that several people store all the data such as emails, contacts etc. in a single PST file and further do not even check the PST file status as well. In this very situation, this problem is bound to happen. If ignored, in the worst situation it can even lead to corruption issues. In order to overcome this, one needs to repair oversized outlook 2010 PST file.


Consequences of Oversized PST File:

In outlook 2010, if this problem happens then the mailing application prevents a user from doing operations like:

  • Reading any emails
  • Problems while transacting emails
  • Further it also does not allow saving any files

In addition to this, a user using Outlook 2010 is likely to get errors such as this:

  • “The file file_name has reached its maximum size.”
  • “Outlook Folder Not opening”

In order to sort out this problem completely and also eradicate these kind of error produced, one needs to split and repair oversized outlook 2010 pst file.

What is the solution?

As mentioned above, this problem can be resolved only by splitting the huge PST file size. In order to make this task happen, you can do the following. Before heading on to this, it is imperative that you make a backup of all data.

  • Find that PST file where all your Outlook 2010 data is stored. In XP, the files are located in MyDocuments/Outlook Files Folder. While if you are using Win 7 or Vista, the files are present in Documents/Outlook Files folder respectively.

  • Then, delete all the unnecessary data and settings in the file

  • Also, clean out content stored in Deleted Folder.

  • Create one or two new PST files and import some data from the old PST file.

  • Using Scanpst.exe tool is also an option, but in the case of oversized files, it is good for nothing.

The above mentioned process can be a bit tiring. Plus, manually doing it can cause important data deletion. Therefore, it is recommended to use third party automatic Split PST tool to repair oversized Outlook 2010 PST File. These tools divides PST into several other files and distributes data among them without even losing a single data.