Split Outlook Large PST files Quickly

Get rid of Outlook pst file too large!

Microsoft Outlook the application that lets you organize the mails, contacts, files and even you can share them sending as mails. User can manage large number contacts in folders and can easily access them from the folder. Outlook pst file comprises entire user information inside data file called pst file whose file size keeps growing as the day passes by with more information continuously being stored.

Outlook 2002 and earlier outlook version pst file have ANSI file format that has file size limitation of 2 GB whereas the later Outlook pst file version are having file size limit of about 20 GB with unicode file format. Data storage inside the pst file goes beyond the pst file size limitation and this starts causing issues while accessing Outlook folder, or opening Outlook folder, or sending mails and related issues.


Outlook pst file too large issues unless is resolved user keeps getting unknown error or above concerned problems frequently. Outlook pst file too large issue can encounter entire mails turn inaccessible and therefore it is requested to fix large pst problem otherwise it may result the entire mails inaccessible.

Resolving oversize pst file is possible by using pst compress, archive or split method. Under compaction procedure that also keeps taking place automatically as background by Outlook, involves deletion of unwanted items from various pst folder and this reduces the ability to occupy the disk space so that more files can be stored on the drive.

Moreover user can alos go for manual compaction method following step as:- File->Data file management->Personal Folder->Settings->General tab-> select 'Compact Now'->Click tab 'OK' and then close.

Though archiving pst file is also helpful and reduce .pst file size and resolve large pst file issue. However in both archiving and pst file compaction, data loss happens. Thus the most convenient way to resolve this problem is split pst file. Splitting the pst file involves the division of outlook pst and distribute information among them without having single information lost from there. Split pst tool is the best solution for large Outlook pst file associated with Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, etc.