Split Outlook Large PST files Quickly

Why Outlook 2007 not responding!

Outlook 2007 not responding this very issue is often experienced by several individual using Outlook 2007 to manage emails folders as well as contacts. All of sudden no folder or mails are able to be accessed in Outlook 2007. Similarly Outlook 2007 not responding issue is also experienced while user tries to access a particular e-mail that has been declared as restricted one by Information rights management.

In case if Outlook pst file has gone large, such abnormal behaviour is likely to occur and turn to be a pronounced issue. Outlook starts taking long time to response on the user request or gets hanged with no more further response observed.


Major reasons that are responsible for this issue to occur is as below:-

  • Outlook pst file is turned severely corrupt with fatal malware application and needs to get fixed.
  • Pst file turns damaged because of compilation of data inside the pst file than that of PST file capacity. Running multiple application that turning the system busy and meanwhile while user tries to access mails or open other Outlook folder it gets hanged with no response.
  • Whenever carrying out typical operations like sending or moving or reading mails Outlook hangup issue comes up and in case of file store area increases beyond capacity approaching 4 GB the problem turns more frequent to occur.

In order to resolve the problem it is necessary to analyse the causes and then implement fixes. If multiple application is running on the system keeping the system busy then user is required to drop other applications as they are interfering outlook execution.

Corrupt pst file turns to be major problem and so it result Outlook to trigger such problems a lot. Hence user needs to fix corrupt Outlook pst file and for that there is an inbuilt utility provided known as inbox repair tool. Hence fix the corrupt pst problem with this tool.

Moreover if it is due to pst file approaching 4 GB then user has to carry out steps to overcome large pst issues like archiving or compaction or cropping method however these methods are not that helpful to reduce large pst file together with data loss chances too encountered. Hence the best method to overcome large pst issue is to split pst file and thus large pst file problem gets resolved. Pst split tool makes the pst file splitting more easy without any single data loss.