Split Outlook Large PST files Quickly

Can't delete Outlook folder due to Outlook folder is full error!

Outlook provides organized manner to organize mails information as well as information inside different folders. Each folder are meant to store specific information and in this way it gets easy for user to access and send mails. It has been found while deleting a particular folder in Outlook, instant error message triggers on the screen as below:-

“Cannot Move The Items. The Folder is Full”

Additionally while the folder is tried to be renamed it shows message as below:-

“Cannot rename ‘’. The Folder is Full”.

The problem can also be observed while an empty outlook folder is tried to be removed. Despite of deleting the folder permanently, Outlook still shows strange error note stated below:-


The moment while Outlook finds problem while storing data inside the pst folder with storage error or even many a times the pst folder turns damaged, these symptoms are the identification of oversized pst file and here comes the need to reduce the pst file size.

“The message interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook.”

Most of the time user ignores such issue and thus do not try to find out the fixes to resolve it but these problem that seems as tiny one often result to be responsible for great data loss. Basically the reason why this error is triggering up is because of increase in the pst or ost file size beyond maximum file size limitation.

In order to fix user can go for erasing the deleted item folder and further retry for folder deletion. In case if that too doesn't help at all then it is suggested to verify whether pst or ost file being used is in ANSI or Unicode format. Focus upon the Outlook folder size that is mentioned in Windows explorer or user may find out the file size at File- data file management in Outlook 2007 and 2003. Whereas Outlook 2010 user needs to access File-account settings-data file button in order to find Outlook pst file size.

If the pst file is in ANSI format and the file size is gone about 2Gb then it determines the pst file size has reached absolute file size. Moreover if the Outlook pst holds unicode file format and the size of pst file has reached upto 4Gb then it also signifies about reaching absolute maximum file size. Further if Outlook pst file has reached 20 GB then it does signifies the file size has approached maximum pst file size limitation. In order to resolve this issue Outlook user is request to manage the content of the pst file so that the large pst issue is solved and therefore no such error come up during folder deletion procedure.

For this purpose pst file compaction or cropping can be done but both of the procedure involves losing significant data out of the pst file and hence there is another improved application called split pst tool that is built with the mechanism of removing large outlook pst file and therefore without having single data loss it distribute the pst file information in divided pst file. The tool is featured with friendly interface modules and with easy procedure resolves the entire problems instantly.