Split Outlook Large PST files Quickly

Know how to fix 0x80040600 Error!

Outlook 2002-2010 user working on windows xp or vista or Windows 7 based system often go through issues while reading outlook inbox mails or in course of sending or receiving mails. Such issue raises up with error message turning up on the screen as below:-

“An unknown error has occurred. 0X80040600”


“An unknown error has occurred. 0X80040119”

Moreover user trying to delete any mails from the inbox gets the error message as below:-


“Messaging interface has caused an unknown error”

Errors issues erupting on the screen have always created trouble for the Outlook user since user is not able to delete, send or even receive any mails since every time user tries to do so, the error strikes up on the screen. Major causes that have been considered behind this error occurrence are as below:-

  • Mail server is not available temporarily.
  • Outlook pst file is corrupt.
  • Outlook user profile is turned damaged.
  • Network connectivity issues.
  • Outlook pst file is oversized.


Such trouble whenever turns up with Outlook mails, main tragedy scratches user mind is the trouble of loosing whole data. Resolution of this issue is possible and user can prevent the chances of loosing outlook mails. As there are times while outlook mail server is not available and at the moment when user tries to send or receive mail it prompts such error message and so the mail sending, receiving or deleting action is denied.

Excess traffic on the network also often generates such trouble and therefore as a result such trouble is experienced. Since the issue is possible to be encountered due to damaged or corrupt user profile hence user is needed to verify the profile and may create the new one in case the old one is damaged.

Pst file corruption as seems to be the major issue responsible for such fatal error so one has to fix pst file corruption first. Inbox repair tool is first aid tool provided with Outlook as free utility that is designed and developed for resolving outlook corrupt pst issues. There is a hidden executable file known as scanpst.exe comprised in inbox repair tool that runs and scans the entire pst file and so on fixes the corruption issue.

Inbox repair tool being tried to fix the corrupt pst file if fails to do so then it determines about the large pst issue and therefore user needs to fix this large pst issue and then use inbox repair tool to fix corruption. Resolving large pst file requires either cropping or archiving or compacting the pst file but none of them are such helpful when it comes to fix quite large pst file.

Splitting pst file is best technique, one needs to carry out, to resolve large pst file issue and it is possible using split pst tool that splits the pst file dividing it and distributing the content into those files that can be then scanned by inbox repair tool to fix corrupt pst file and that automaticaly fix outlook error 0x80040600