Split Outlook Large PST files Quickly

Why Inbox Repair Tool Not Responding!

Outlook pst file as manages entire information of Outlook user account in the database file however these pst file have maximum chances of getting corrupt as they are used frequently online in course sending mails or accessing Outlook folders. Corrupt pst file can be the root of several abrupt Outlook abnormalities interrupting Outlook processing or striking error message on the user screen.

Microsoft being concerned of this issue has provided an inbuilt utility tool with that of the MS-Office and is known as inbox repair tool. This tool features a hidden executable file and user in order to repair or resolve corrupt pst file issue, needs to first locate the file and then run it.


After initializing the tool, it scans the entire hard drive and then go for the tracing the corrupt pst folder information and then fix it along with retrieving the pst file information back. The tool runs in batch mode executing pst repair procedure step by step. If using inbox repair tool, the repair procedure gets frequently hanged or inbox repair tool not responding then it signifies major trouble with the Outlook pst file.

The fact is inbox repair tool though is an excellent repair utility however this tool comes with limited features that is mentioned as below:-

  • Outlook pst file having severe corruption is not possible to be repaired using inbox repair tool.
  • Outlook pst file those are oversize also can't be repaired using inbox repair tool.

If any of the above situation resembles, user has to take note of other alternative to repair Outlook pst file. However if the Outlook pst file is found corrupt severely then user can take the help of outlook pst repair in ordr to resolve this issue. As far as oversize pst file is concerned, pst file large size needs to be resolved first and then try using the inbox repair tool to fix corruption. For resolving the pst file size user can split the Outlook pst file. Splitting Outlook pst file using split pst tool will divide the pst file that will result large pst content to be distributed in the divided pst file.