Split Outlook Large PST files Quickly

Exmerge Mailbox Larger than 2GB to PST File in Outlook

As you must be aware of that ExMerge or MS Exchange server mailbox wizard is a tool that a client can use to export the mailbox data from Exchange especially exchange 2003 to a PST file and merge the existing data with the exported one together. This tool is simply great when you have to backup of all your mails. However this tool has some limitations like it only works with the older versions of Exchange like 2003 and supports only ANSI code format. Also, if your mailbox size is greater than 2gb, this tool generally pops out error messages like 'this item could not be moved'. So there is the question as to how exmerge mailbox larger than 2gb.

The mail merge tool of Exchange allows one to export the emails from the exchange server by implementing a search that is based on factors like date or size. This very thing can help a user to exmerge mailbox larger than 2gb and export the mailbox data. Also, this task can also be performed with exmerge if individual folders and items are exported time to time instead of exporting all at once.


In addition to this, exporting mailbox from an MS exchange server directly to a personal folders files can also be done if the user reduces the file size by deleting email messages from the mailbox or archives the file or compacts it. This will decrease the size of the mailbox and bring it down to less than 2gb. In this way, you can exmerge your mailbox easily. But, this process is somewhat very lengthy and can take hours of time to complete manually.

If you want to save the time in reducing the size of the mailbox so that you can easily exmerge mailbox larger than 2gb, the best alternative probably will be heading to third party split pst software that comes handy and makes the stuff of reduction like a piece of a cake. Being a user friendly tool with self explanatory interface, the tool gives user option to reduce a mailbox size in no time at all. And the best thing of all is that it even does not damage the quality of the emails and items in the mailbox.