Split Outlook Large PST files Quickly

Divide Outlook PST File & Gain Improved Mailing Performance

There is no denying the fact that MS Outlook is the most widely used application used by professionals for doing various emailing tasks. It also provide to store personal or official appointments, journals, calendars, notes and so on. But you must have noticed specially taking the older versions in consideration, that with the regular usage of Outlook, its performance starts to degrade. One of the biggest and main causes behind such sluggishness is a big Outlook PST file. It becomes very crucial to divide outlook pst file in order to regain much improved experience from the application.

All outlook versions have by default a limited file size, even in Outlook 2010, the limitation is more than 20gb. But that is way big enough in comparison to what older Outlook 2002 and 98 have with a 2gb limit. Reducing the size of PST file with time and on regular intervals is very necessary. However, many people do not even notice or have the basic idea as to why Outlook performance has gone bad to worse. Further this problem expands and users face issues like failure in sending/receiving emails, reading, writing etc.


Moreover, when a PST file size exceeds the defined limitation various errors and prompts starts to arise that indicates that a PST file has gone too big and it is time to troubleshoot it quickly.

Divide Outlook PST file, the only solution to the big file issue and get back the same good performing Outlook. However, the ways for reducing and slicing Outlook file may be different. In order to make the PST file size to normal, you can attempt to do the following.

  • First get to the bulky PST file, delete all the emails, items, attachments and other stuff that seem no important to you. Accumulation of unnecessary things in the mailbox is also the reason behind an oversized PST.

  • Erasing out mailbox items, however is a good step but that would only have little effect on the overall file size. Second thing you can try is compacting or archiving the file.

  • Make a different PST file, just drag and drop items from the big sized file to this new file. This would have a great effect on the overall file size and will help you reclaim Outlook performance.

Alternatively, you can also choose to divide Outlook pst using a professional and much safer third party Split PST software. The tool having user interactive interface works to split bulky file and compatible with all the Outlook versions.