Split Outlook Large PST files Quickly

Defrag Your PST File to Claim Optimized Outlook Performance

As time passes by the performance of an application slows down a lot in terms of its speed and performance. Just like Outlook mailing application, with its increased usage and utility it would not be a surprise to notice the increased size of the Personal Folder file which further slows it down. It is important on the side of the user to monitor the size of the PST file and optimize it every now and then to prevent such issues from happening. When an outlook PST file becomes larger than usual, fragments of data cause a lot of problem such as

  • Outlook taking lot of time loading profile
  • Error messages constantly appearing
  • Accessing email accounts and mailbox becomes a painstaking job
  • Outlook not responding to the commands
  • Application crashing issues

At such a circumstance, one needs to defrag PST file Outlook in order to compact the increased size of the file to claim the optimized performance of the application.


How to Defrag PST File Outlook

In order to compact the fragmented Outlook PST file to optimize its performance to double fold you will have to consider some points that are listed below:

  • Archiving Personal Storage File is a good way to reduce the file size of PST. You can do this simply by selecting the File and choosing the archive option. Again you will have to select 'Archive this folder and sub folder' option. And then you can split the files by going through the steps.

  • Wiping the Deleted Items Folder

  • By finding and deleting items that you think are bigger in size than usual

  • Wiping duplicate or alternative version of the same mail in the mailbox items.

  • Loading add-ins consumes a lot of time in Outlook, to avoid this you should turn off the add-ons from loading up

  • You can also reduce the size by transferring items from the PST file into a new separate file.

You can also defrag PST file Outlook by defragmenting the partition in which PST file is exists. It is advised you to defrag the partition once in a week decrease the fragmented files in Outlook. However, it has been seen that defragging process takes a lot of time and also has data corruption risk associated with it if done manually. Hence, for this you can rely upon third party Split PST file tool that will manage all the compaction work for the PST file. You can also schedule such tool to run a defragment process on regular times. These are automatic and read only and does not harm the file while doing such.