Split Outlook Large PST files Quickly

How Compact Outlook PST file works!

Microsoft as has provided outstanding way to organize information including mails, journals, notes and additional attachment files with respect to the user profile. Apart from the data organization and mails management, user can import their contacts or other files too via the tools provided there. The entire information although gets stored inside the pst file but the file is given restricted file size limit.

This implies that information to be contained in the pst file can't exceed to the limited file size. The norms for the pst file size limitation varies from the Outlook version comparing that of Outlook 97-2000 with that of Outlook 2007-10 and so on.


The moment while Outlook finds problem while storing data inside the pst folder with storage error or even many a times the pst folder turns damaged, these symptoms are the identification of oversized pst file and here comes the need to reduce the pst file size.

User has to compact Outlook pst file so that Outlook can access the pst file properly. Prior to the compaction process one may delete the unwanted content from the pst file and also delete those data from the deleted item folder too.

While going through pst file compaction the entire free space is not removed whereas about 16 kb space is left in the pst file. Moreover there are few requirements that Outlook pst file must fulfill so as to get compact and those are as below:-

  • Outlook pst file must have the file size of 16 KB or larger.
  • There must be at least 16 KB of free space from the last file compaction.

Compact Outlook pst file is possible by either automatic or manual procedure. Outlook pst file compaction is not that useful as pst file those are quite large in file size are not reduved to large extent and also user suffer data loss during compaction. Hence it needs to go for more improved method that is split pst tool. The tool lets one split the large pst file into smaller one and content are distributed among them and therefore it gets easy to access the pst file by Outlook without single data loss and file damage as well.