Split Outlook Large PST files Quickly

Get rid of Can't Open Outlook Folder Error!

Outlook application though is featured with various tools that helps manging the Outlook data inside various folders. Outlook has now brought lots of improvement in information management with series of extension released till yet. However Outlook 2003 user have complained about few issues while processing the Outlook folders.

Since Outlook entire information are stored inside pst file therefore most of the problem if occurs with Outlook, generally relates to that of Outlook pst issues. Occurrence of such trouble with pst file is notified by abrupt activity of Outlook application or sudden hangup while sending or receiving mails via the Outlook application. It also shows some Outlook folder missing or many items are directed to the deleted item folder. All these symptoms are the indication of serious trouble encountered with Outlook pst file. Due to this weird behavior it gets tough for user to process or access the mail folder and therefore lead in data loss risk.


Major cause behind such abrupt Outlook 2003 behavior are as below:-

  • Outlook pst file is got corrupt with fatal virus infection.
  • Pst file turns damaged because of compilation of data inside the pst file than that of PST file capacity.

It is necessary to resolve this error soon otherwise user may have to go through fatal data loss. If the problem is concerned with corruption then it is recommended to use the inbox repair tool get the pst corrupt issue resolved. But most possibility of the error is because of large pst file problem. Outlook 2003 pst file because of being in ANSI format is bound to store data upto 2Gb and if the data storage inside the pst file goes beyond this boundary it tend to damage the pst file.

Large pst file generates lots of trouble with Outlook and to get rid of this trouble one can go for either archiving or cropping solution. In order to resolve oversize pst file user is provided crop feature in inbox repair tool that will compress pst file and then reduce the file size. Similarly archive facility is also provided in order to decrease pst file size. But both of the method involves data loss and changes do not come instantly after archiving or cropping the pst file.

However the best solution to resolve the oversize pst file is to split the large pst file and then the divided pst file will ave data distributed among them that will not show can't open outlook folder error ever as the oversize pst issue is solved now. To accomplish splitting of pst file one needs to take the help of split pst tool and get the large pst problem solved.