Split Outlook Large PST files Quickly

Archive PST File in Outlook to Keep the Size Manageable

Outlook, a Microsoft application that is commonly known to be one of the best mailing applications used officially to compose, send and receive email messages, store them and other items. All the items including contacts, emails and other necessary stuff are stored in a Personal Folder File called PST in Outlook. In this professional world where there is a constant incoming and outgoing of emails, it is not an impossible thing when you have pile of such mails in your mailbox. This in turn grows the Outlook PST file size that further has a drastic effect on the performance of the application.

In each and every Outlook version, a Personal Folder file has a defined size limit (2gb in earlier versions like 2002 and 10-20GB in 2007 and 2010 etc.). When you have a big PST file, it means that the file size has crossed the limitation. This not only impacts the speed and performance of Outlook but arises consequences like freezing and hanging. In such a scenario, you need to trim the large PST file. One such method which is effective and way to better is archive pst file Outlook. This can be done with the help of auto archiving feature that comes with every version of Outlook.


Basically in the process of archiving, one has create an archive of the emails and other items separate from that particular PST file that you use thus keeping the size manageable and small. Mentioned below is the step by step procedure to archive pst file Outlook.

  • First, start with selecting Data management/ File from the menu in Outlook and tap Add
  • Next, choose the format you desire and select OK. If you don't need to access the data you are archiving, you should highlight Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst) (for earlier versions like 2002)
  • Now enter the file name you desire it to be saved with and tap the OK button to continue.
  • Now under the Name option, type the name of archive pst file that you named earlier
  • Again tap the OK button and then close the box.

One important tip is that while naming an archive pst file, try to rename it after the year or month because that is much more convenient that simple naming and is easy to search and classify. Now, after you complete making the archiving pst, the task left is to move the emails in the old PST file to the archive. For this, it just requires dragging and dropping entire folder to the root folder that appears under the Mail folders option.

So, you see that archive PST file Outlook can really sort a big PST file size issues that arises when the size exceeds the 2gb limitation. However, if in the case you forget to regularly archive pst file or do not do this at all, your PST file size will increase enormously that would result in a crawling Outlook. In that event, you can split pst by using third party split pst tool which comes handy. The user friendly tool easily splits and divide Outlook pst and help Outlook gain the old speed and performance.