Split Outlook Large PST files Quickly

2GB Truncation Utility (PST2GB.EXE)- Effective Solution for Big PST

My PST file has reached its maximum size and Outlook is behaving kind of slow! This thing you all must have heard or have experienced if you are using Outlook 2002 and previous editions. All the editions of outlook, be it the latest one also comes with a limited file size, although the limitation has been increased almost 20 fold. Oversized PST files generally occurs in older versions because sometimes users without considering store numerous amount of data that gets accumulated and further extends the pst size. Such circumstances can lead to abnormal performance of outlook, freezing problems while certain times one can a not opening Outlook problem. To prevent any further consequence, one has the option of splitting the big file with inbuilt 2gb truncation utility.

In the situation when you have a big PST file even bigger than 2gb, you are likely to face problems related to Outlook. Not only this, a user can also face errors such as:


  • Outlook.pst cannot be accessed – 0x80040116 This error arises and prevent accessing any data from the PST file

  • An unknown error has occurred. 0X80040600

  • .PST is not a Personal Folders File. A situation can also arise when Outlook will not be able to recognize the pst file.

2GB Truncation Utility

Like Scanpst.exe which is helpful for repairing damaged and corrupt PST files, Microsoft provides another inbuilt truncation tool called PST2GB.EXE. This tool is specifically provided to split big pst files and resolve issues associated. This is a hidden tool that gets installed along with installation of Outlook in the system. This truncate pst tool helps to cut oversized PST files into smaller files. The best thing about it is that the size of the truncated copy being created is defined and specified by a user himself. If you are not being able to track the location of the tool, you can download it from the official Microsoft website.

Steps to execute PST2GB.EXE

  • Start the tool by double clicking it
  • Specify the big or large pst file by clicking browse button
  • Now tap on Create button, in this step you are creating a location for storing the truncated file
  • Give it a name and specify a location for the truncated copy to store in the system

  • Now, the main work. In this step, specify the size of the data usually in MB(megabyte) that must be cut from the oversized pst file. It is as per you choice the amount of data you specify. However, it would be recommended to truncate twenty to 25 MB from the big file. This whole process must be repeated until and unless you got the work accomplished.

However, the success rate with the splitting tool is not cent per cent. In the next section, you will read about the limitations of this truncate pst tool.

Limitations of 2GB Truncation utility

  • Splitting oversized PST files with this truncation tool consumes a lot of time to complete. If the process is not successful, you will have to repeat it again and again.
  • The tools functionality is limited to 2gb pst files. If the size is bigger than this, the split tool usually fails.
  • Amidst the splitting process, the tool also deletes some of data from PST, hence if you have no backup, then chances of data loss could arise.

Alternatively, to 2Gb truncation utility, the best option to go for would be downloading third party PST splitter software. The software with super advanced algorithms can not only cut 2gb pst but can also cut a pst file having size more than 20gb and as plus point is not time consuming as the inbuilt tool.