Split Outlook Large PST files Quickly

Split PST file Outlook 2007 – solution to the problem of data lost due to file corruption

Are you getting the messages like ‘cannot open Microsoft Office Outlook’?

Is your MS Outlook process slower while accessing?

Why do we need to split PST file even in Outlook2007?

Moving from earlier versions of MS Outlook (97-2002) where the size limit of PST file is up to 2GB to more advanced versions of Outlook i.e. 2003, 2007 where the size limit of PST file is up to 20 GB. We can find that although extending the size limit is an improvement in MS Outlook but still it suffers from the problem of file corruption. A PST file is a binary database rather then a simple text file. So there is higher risk of file corruption which makes the file inaccessible. And when this happens you will either get the error messages or you won’t be able to open your PST file.

This PST file resides on user’s local hard drive. It is used to store all the emails you receive or send the calendar entries, notes, contacts, schedule of your important tasks etc. The longer you use Outlook the longer is the size of your PST file as it will store more and more emails and other information’s. It means the size of your PST file is growing and once it has crossed the limit, the problem starts to come in the form of error messages or delay in accessing the file.


One can imagine that how worst it could be if you loose your very important data. For this reason you need to split PST file outlook 2007. Splitting your PST file doesn’t mean that moving your data here and there. Splitting means dividing your large PST file into smaller files. So the data can be accessed more easily.

You can use split PST software to split PST file outlook 2007 into smaller files. This software ensures that no data is lost while splitting your PST file. This software is user friendly software which helps the user to perform their task very easily. After splitting the data’s becomes independent of each other but they work in the same manner as they were working before. Split PST file outlook 2007 for the easy and quick access of your PST file.