Split Outlook Large PST files Quickly

Split PST folder file to make MS Outlook (97-2002) run faster

Is your database processing slower due to oversized PST file?

Want to make the accessing of your oversized PST file quicker?

Are you experiencing the problem of different types of errors while accessing the PST file in MS Outlook (97-2002)?

MS Outlook is a personal management tool that stores personal information’s such as emails, notes, contacts, calendar entries, and other valuable personal information’s. Ms Outlook stores all its files in PST folder (personal folder). The maximum size limit of this PST file is 2GB in MS Outlook (97-2002). And when this size grows up to 2GB or exceeds this limit the problem starts coming when you access your PST file. The accessing speed of the PST file slows down. It won’t allow you to load, open or add any new data into it.

Some of the errors that can occur due to large size of PST file

  • Items cannot be copied
  • Items cannot be moved
  • XXX.pst file cannot be found
  • The file cannot be added to the folder
  • An error has encountered and you need to close the MS Outlook
  • The folder cannot be opened


One of the most important problems that may arise due to the large size of PST file is the risk of data corruption. The data gets corrupted very easily when the size of your file is very large.All these problems may arise in MS Outlook 2002 and its earlier versions.

However you can very easily fix this problem and make your MS Outlook run in a smoother way as it was running before getting oversized. The simplest solution to this problem is to split oversized PST file into smaller files. The files are divided mainly on the basis of four criteria i.e. date, time, size and folder.

There are so many software’s available in the market today to split oversized PST file into smaller files. You can use split PST software to split PST folder, which makes the splitting very easy and safe.

Split PST software is very powerful software that split PST folder very easily. It is easy to install and can be handled very easily. Even a novice person can install and work with it without having any difficulty. Some of the features of split PST software:

  • It can split the PST file on the basis of date, time, size, mail id and time
  • It can split both single as well as multiple files simultaneously
  • After splitting the files become independent of each other and can be accessed individually
  • It supports all versions of MS Outlook (97-2007)
  • The files are kept in a folder after splitting
  • It has a user friendly interface which makes the working fast